GUGLIELMO builds instruments since 1996, bass and electric guitars that he also brought on the stages of Europe and in the USA and Canada. SARA who has always been dealing with communication and sales. GABRIELE is the third one, he was born in September 2013. He is one of the main reasons why we decided to create MARIOTTI GUITARS.
Another reason is our love for wood, for its fragrance, for his life always been new.
We met and recognized ourselves in front of a maple leaf and there we started walking together.
Guglielmo’s passion for woodworking was born and raised in various carpentry workshops, where he gradually learned the secrets of the furniture maker and the luthier .
The need to have a suitable instrumentation to play progressive rock, that is his music of choice, has led him to the creation of numerous customed instruments, refining more and more its own design.
This is the way how MARIOTTI SPIDER and MARIOTTI OVETTO were born; the first one is a guitar whose corners remind of the spider’s legs, the second one is a bass guitar that “contains” the shape of an egg.
Playing the part of Mike Rutherford on several tribute Genesis bands, Guglielmo has also developed the creation of double neck instruments.
Each piece is obviously unique, handmade and build with attention to every detail, from the choice of wood to the combination of different wood species up to the choice of the electronic equipment.
This is also why the workshop is always open to those who want to know our instruments and, above all, try it to share with us their impressions and suggestions…because we want our creations “to be around” and to be played with satisfaction.
We like that MARIOTTI GUITARS instruments have a nice sound, a good look and a good “fit” and that they emphasize not only their musical ability, but also the beauty of the main material with which they are made.